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 The End Of All Days. tell me if you like it!

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Hows the story?
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horrible. you suck at writing storys.
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PostSubject: The End Of All Days. tell me if you like it!   Thu May 22, 2008 11:32 am

The End Of All Days

Sara remembered before the war. It was a peaceful day, messing around with friends. The thought of it left her in pain. She put the memory beside and focused on surviving. All hell broke loose, and she meant demons from hell. Armed with a couple grenades, a rocket launcher and a sniper rifle, she went into the battle field. Right when she got in, Sara saw a demon. It seemed twenty feet tall, looked as if made out of rocks. Knowing a sniper rifle would have to effect, she took out her rocket launcher. Sara had it aimed and wanted to shoot, but she could not. Her heart beat to fast as the giant monster came running at her. Her entire body shook, as she waited for peace, for freedom.

James, still at the army’s base, felt a shiver go down his spine as he saw the number of dead soldiers grow higher and higher each minute. The number of crazed soldiers that have come back. He wished he was still at his house, in his bed, sleeping in peace. He ignored the thought and grabbed his weapons.

Zalivna was a demon of a class very similar to humans. He was talking to another demon named Boshop. Boshop was of a smaller class and was most likely the weakest.
They saw their bait, and ran towards it. Boshop yelped it pain as a twelve inch sniper bullet shot thru his skin. He got back up however, since he believed he was safe with the top class demon right ahead of them, a huge giant that has not let one human get away.

James went into the battle field and saw the giant monster. It was like King Kong, the thing, and an ogre all mixed together. He was glad he took the rocket launcher. He yelled to the other soldiers with rockets to shoot on the count of three. One!...two!...three! there was a deafening sound after the fifty launchers shot rockets at the twenty foot monster, it was as if twenty boxes of grenades just blew up. After what seemed like hours the smoke faded away to show a sea of pebbles. They shouted in relief and moved on, knowing the war has yet to begin.

The Beginning

John went thru the battle field where to him it seemed as if they shot a nuclear bomb. He saw a crushed soldier, and he took some ammo out of her destroyed sniper and took her dog tag. He moved on, loaded his sniper and took out some demons. They did not stop! He could not clear his throat, if he killed one another would come from the ground! The amount of soldiers were growing weaker, while the demons were multiplying.

James moved up, and met another rocky monster. Thankfully, this one was only ten or so feet tall and did not require multiple rockets. He chucked a grenade, and it landed in a crack on the monster. The monster screamed in shock, as it blew up into a bunch of tiny rocks. He killed ten or so other demons hiding behind the monster and moved on.

Boshop was hiding behind a rock in fear for his giant companion was dead. He had no idea what just happened, all he knew was the giant monster was shattered into pieces by an explosion caused by the humans. He sat there, with a giant hole in his chest. He did not want to go back…he saw how the earth was…it was beautiful even with the destruction done. Seconds later he was spotted by the humans, but was not killed…why? They held him on the ground, he could not hear what they were saying…but they were not pointing their metal weapons at him so he had a chance…a tiny chance to live.

“what the hell is that?!” said John. “I don’t know sir, its some kind of demon. should we kill it or keep it for testing?” said a soldier. “keep it for tests. It looks like its given up anyways. Put something over the wound, and send it to a lab.” John said sternly. “Sir Yes Sir!” said the soldier as he got in the helicopter with the demon.

Underground, in hell demons roared with hunger. Not the hunger humans have, but hunger to kill the humans, a hunger that will not stop until all the humans are dead. Satan watched over them, and roared with laughter. “humans will last no longer, I have destroyed your dinosaurs, and now will destroy your most precious creation.” Satan said in a thundering voice. What do you think of it? A voice came from thin air, I think you are foolish. I will not allow thy to destroy my kind. I will send down thee, and you, will be no more.

Let The Chaos Begin

A giant pit arose and three more rock like monsters appeared, but this time, they were at least thirty feet tall. James knew they needed a new technique for destroying the monster…he remembered how he threw a grenade I a crack on the monster…of course! Their extremely tough on the outside, but on the inside, they crumble like a loaf of bread! He yelled at the other marines, “don’t waste your rockets! Throw grenades in the cracks! The soldiers were confused, but they did as told. Grenades landed all around the monsters, one managed to make it into one of the monsters legs and shattered the leg to pieces and made the monster tumble fall on another and shatter them both. “This is a great first start!” said James.

John had his sniper rifle out, and spotted a demon. He tied his finger around the trigger and was about to sqeeze, when a glowing man came out of thin air. He ducked for cover, since the number one rule was to never believe your eyes or ears when battling demons. Some demons have an ability to transform into anyone you love or dream were there. John sat up and looked at was happening. "" John said in disbelief.

"hahaha, we will see." Satan said while grining at the millions of demons walking towards earth. Satan knew his demons could not defeat the angels. He had another plan in mind for that. "ZAMOON!" Satan screamed, "I want them dead. the demons shall kill the humans, you shall kill the angels." Satan roared. "yes, father."
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PostSubject: Re: The End Of All Days. tell me if you like it!   Mon Jun 02, 2008 9:09 pm

i liked it, its wasnt extremly good, but not bad. kinda funny really.
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PostSubject: Re: The End Of All Days. tell me if you like it!   Tue Jun 10, 2008 8:24 am

dude I want you to finish the story
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PostSubject: Re: The End Of All Days. tell me if you like it!   Sun Jun 15, 2008 10:10 pm

did you make that story yourself??
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PostSubject: Re: The End Of All Days. tell me if you like it!   

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The End Of All Days. tell me if you like it!
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