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 Bungie Favorites..

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Srgt Something

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PostSubject: Bungie Favorites..   Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:52 am

I hate the bungie favorites, even more so, i hate the pictures. They suck. i mean some movies are good and most the the maps are good but the racing maps are always the same stuff so the shouldnt be on it. But the pictures are horrible, yea some pictures are good and just plain amazing but others suck so much. Bungie lets websites and whatnot decide what will be on it but the suck. Its more of to get the site out there for them, its advertisement. I have seen some really awsome pictures go to waste and get barried under the tons of horrible pictures all because people wont download them and keep the fourms alive in the File Share Fourms. But even still, when playing games i tend to look at people fileshares as most people do but when people come across awsome pictures the go,"Wow! thats SWEEET!" and they don't download them, the just look at them. Which is a really a pain because everyone is trying to get there pictures out there but no one can because no one downloads. Bungie Favorites are more of just a waste. I mean some stuff i love, the Heavenly Hog, and The elite hater(the one with the chooper and the elite running away), i just love them and some other ones are the best pictures ever. But pictures of scenery with a color effect or something stuiped always seems to get on it and honistly, even though it may look cool, its always the same stuff every week. One awsome picture, one funny picture, one awsome video, two or three awsome film clips, and four good maps, other than that, everything is bad. Given the chance, i would make the best bungie favorites, i wouldnt use any of my content.

I cant speellz, so.. UP YOURZ!

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PostSubject: Re: Bungie Favorites..   Sat Jul 12, 2008 10:50 pm

too long to read
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Bungie Favorites..
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